The Program

An online program for new students to BHI to help them best prepare themselves for their first semester. The program introduces Life as an Australian Student, Critical Thinking, The Academic Research and Writing Process. It will also include information about BHI as a Social structure; who to see with a study or personal issue you're having, who are the people who can assist with technical issues. All we ask in return is that you seriously consider the work we have put together here, and give your feedback on how we can improve student preparation. 


The latest statistics tell us 1 in 5 students leave study in their first year, due to a range of reasons, but the ones we have a hand in as an institute are students feeling like they don't fully understand what is expected of them before and when they begin, and also that they cannot easily find the support they need when troubles do inevitably surface. So this course is not the whole answer, but a part of a new strategy from BHI's Teaching and Support teams to prepare students, support students and be transparent with what we expect of our students, and what you should expect from our teachers and the institute. 


Tim Scholl and Jason McCutcheon are the developers of the Prepare To Study Program. Tim is well-known throughout the institute as a go-to for Study Tech and Academic Research and Writing, and Jason is prolific in the realm of critical and creative thinking, leadership and teamwork concepts. Together they have built a program that is flexible, informative, hands-on and encourages learning through reflection and questioning.