Student Support Workers

Do you need assistance in linking in with your teacher?

Do you need to talk to someone about a personal matter?

Do you need pathways planning or have employment problems?

Do you have financial or health issues that are interfering with your study?

Do you want to improve your life and study management skills?

Do you have academic concerns that are impacting on your study?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our Student Support Workers are here to help. We are dedicated to providing student-centred support. Located at each campus, your Support Worker can confidentially help answer your questions, resolve your concerns and refer you to our Student Life services if required. We have Counsellors, Welfare Officer, Disability Liaison and Careers Counsellor to assist you confidentially and there is no cost for you as a student.

You can find a Student Support Worker in your study area. Feel free to drop in or phone your Student Support Worker so they can support you to get the most from your student experience


Student Support Worker 




Industry and Trades

Brad Cooper

Elgar - E2.G08

9286 9370

0466 554 541

Phone calls: Mon - Fri 8:30am-8pm

Health Sciences

Orit Pynt (BHI)

Jo Dutton (BHI/CAE)

Elgar - E5.G17

CAE - B217

9286 9413

9882 1704

0428 885 402

Foundation Studies

Sara Ford & Kate Walton (BHI)

Michelle Kerr (CAE)

Whitehorse - W1.220

CAE - Building A, Level 3

9286 9758

8892 1601

0429 800 569

Business and Creative Industries

Phil Michelmore & Kate Walton (BHI)

Jo Dutton (BHI/CAE)

Whitehorse - W1.138, Elgar - E3.202

CAE - B217

9286 9683               9286 9828

8892 1704

0429 788 556


Nikki Singh

Elgar campus - E9.G27

9286 9445

0402 617 366

Higher Education

Phil Michelmore & Kate Walton (BHI)

Jo Dutton (BHI/CAE)

Whitehorse - W1.138, Elgar - E3.202

CAE - B217

9286 9683         9286 9828

8892 1704

0428 885 402 (Health)

0429 788 556

(Business and Creative)

To contact Student Life, please call 9286 9891

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