Respect Computer Use at BHI

Box Hill Institute’s computing facilities (including internet access) are provided for study or

research for your course.


• Load, use, download or display pornographic or other objectionable material

• Interfere with or change any equipment or authorised equipment settings

• Use Chat lines unless for study purposes

• Infringe any copyright or illegally download or copy files (eg music, film, software)

• Use file sharing or P2P software to download MP3 music or movies files

• Send, store or display anything abusive, threatening, defamatory or obscene.

Anyone breaching the Institute’s Student Code of Conduct or policies or procedures on use of

equipment and facilities may:

• Be suspended or barred from using the facilities

• Face disciplinary action.

Anyone breaching state or federal laws may face prosecution.

Last modified: Friday, 7 October 2016, 4:04 PM