Location of return chutes

Returning items

Items can be returned to any campus Library of Box Hill Institute. Items can be returned within each library branch, or through designated return chutes.

  • CAE City Campus Library has a returns box situated just outside the Library entrance. This can be accessed whenever the building is open.
  • Elgar Campus Library returns chute is located outside the Library to the right of the display case near the bridge crossing. The chute can be accessed when the building is open (times can vary but the building is usually open until at least 10.00pm Mon - Thu.)
  • Lilydale Lakeside Campus has a returns box just outside the library entrance on the first floor. This is available whenever the building is open.
  • Whitehorse Campus Library has a return chute accessible from the street and available at any time. It is located on the Whitehorse Road side of the building (a few metres to the left of the sliding glass doors) at 1000 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. 

Last modified: Friday, 21 July 2017, 2:02 PM