Our expectations of you

When in the library, it is expected that you will:

  • Provide your student card when borrowing materials, booking computers or on request
  • Read the signs posted in the Library and comply with all guidelines and policies
  • Take advantage of opportunities to learn about Library services and facilities
  • Treat all Library users and staff with respect and consideration
  • Take care of Library books, materials and equipment and return borrowed items on time
  • Comply with copyright legislation.
  • Participate in surveys to provide feedback on Library services to assist with improvements to the service and facilities that are offered


The Box Hill Institute Code of Conduct applies to all students within the Institute‚Äôs student community and aims to ensure the safety, comfort and well being of everyone at the Institute: 

  • Respect yourself and others - harassment, bullying, physical or verbal assault will not be tolerated,
  • Behave appropriately - ensure your actions and words support learning and teaching,
  • Adhere to Occupational Health and Safety requirements,
  • Respect the property of the Box Hill Institute community - do not damage or remove property from Box Hill Institute grounds,
  • Produce your ID when requested by Box Hill Institute staff, and
  • Refrain from smoking in all campus buildings and grounds, or littering or damaging, stealing or misusing any Institute property.


The Box Hill Institute community: 

  • Does not allow illegal drugs or anyone under their influence on the premises,
  • Does not allow alcohol on the premises without prior permission from the Chief Executive Officer, and
  • Requires people who take medication to be aware of medicinal side effects and not to combine it with anything that can place themselves or others at risk. 
  • Breaches of the Box Hill Institute Student Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action according to Institute policies and procedures.


Illegal activities will be referred to the police.

For more information, please refer to the Box Hill Institute policies and procedures.


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