Getting references

You may be required to provide references before you begin a tenancy.

  • If you have rented or shared previously, you should provide details of these (particularly if they are good references!) so that your prospective landlord or housemate can verify that you are a good tenant.
  • If you have not shared or rented in the past, you may be able to provide personal references or references from your previous or current employer, often this will give your prospective landlord or housemate an idea about the type of person that you are.
  • Often you will have to provide information about your income, as landlords want to know if you can afford the rent. If you are a dependant and someone else is going to pay your rent such as your parents, this needs to be made clear. Sometimes your parents can be guarantors, however they do not have the same responsibilities as tenants. For more information regarding guarantors, please speak to the Tenants Union on 94162577.
  • Whilst you do not have to answer any personal questions when applying for properties, unfortunately, not answering them may lessen your chances of securing a property. Real estate agents and landlords who ask personal questions about political and religious beliefs, sex, race, disability or marital status may be reported to the Equal Opportunity Board, as these types of questions are potentially discriminatory. It is also illegal for agents and landlords to discriminate against people with children.
Last modified: Wednesday, 2 February 2011, 9:08 AM