Culture Shock

International students - adjusting to living in Melbourne

If you move to another country, there are adjustments to be made.

You may have to deal with differences in everyday greetings, learning and teaching styles, climate, gestures, strange food and an unfamiliar landscape. People look, act and speak differently!

The experience of moving into another culture is sometimes described as "culture shock". Culture shock is the emotional and behavioural reaction to living in another culture. Everyone who moves to a new culture suffers culture shock to some degree.

The symptoms of culture shock can be both physical and psychological. Typical physical symptoms include headaches, stomach aches or tiredness. Psychological symptoms include impatience, a feeling of isolation, feeling sad or feeling unsettled.

It is important to be aware you are not alone in experiencing culture shock. It is a normal part of living in a different country.

You are also welcome to talk to a counsellor at Student Life by ringing 9286 9891 for an appointment. Or you can try our online E-Counselling service (via the StudentWeb).

Emergency advice and assistance can be obtained from Medibank Private Overseas Student Health (24 hour service) by ringing 1800 234 601.

Last modified: Friday, 2 September 2016, 10:24 AM