Student Email Office 365

Box Hill Institute and CAE are using Microsoft Office 365 to host student email addresses

All email from StudentWeb will go to this email account.

You need to log in once before the address will accept any mail.

Set up your email account

It is very easy to set up through any web browser:

Box Hill Institute email

  • Go
  • If your StudentWeb login is bhiXXXXXXX where XXXXXXX is your 7 digit student ID
    then login using Email address:

  • If your StudentWeb login is sXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX is your 7 or 8 digit student ID

    then login using Email address:

Centre for Adult Education (CAE) email

  • Go
  • If your StudentWeb login is caeXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX is your 7 or 8 digit student ID
    then login using Email address:
  • If your StudentWeb login is sXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX is your 7 or 8 digit student ID

    then login using Email address:


Password is your studentweb password. If you have never logged in, this is your date of birth as yyyymmdd ie year, month, day For example, 4 June 1995 would be written as 19950604.

The browser may popup a login box (depending on whether you are already logged into the BHI student network); use the email address and password as above.

You can link to an existing hotmail address, while still being able to use your Office 365 email address.

Email Options

  • Your StudentWeb password is your email password, it will change if your StudentWeb password changes.
  • To connect your student email to other email accounts or to forward all email to your usual email address go into Options, See All Options and choose Connected Accounts
  • Setting up email on your mobile phone
  • Email storage is 50Gb.

OneDrive and Office 365

Logging into your email account will also give you access to:

  • OneDrive (1Tb= 1000Gb of space) for file storage and sharing
  • Office 365 Web applications, including online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more
  • Unlimited online meetings, IM and video conferencing using Lync
  • the ability to set up SharePoint sites for collaboration.

It's a good idea to add your mobile phone number or an alternate email address to this account for easy password resetting.

Last modified: Thursday, 25 February 2016, 5:47 PM