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  • On Site Security - P: 9286 9286, Emergency Services and Safety

    ecurity by Martin Vanco, SK from the Noun ProjectIf you need on-site security for any reason please call 9286 9286. This section also contains information about emergency services - Fire, Ambulance and Police - in Australia, what services they offer and information about personal and online safety like how to build strong yet memorable passwords.

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  • Accommodation and Transport

    Bed by Mahmure Alp from the Noun Project Everything you need to know about accommodation and public transport is covered here, from sharing to posting your own available accommodation through to mykis, buses and trains. It's all in here.

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  • Career Development and Job Applications

    Job Search by Creative Mania from the Noun Project Searching for a job or a career. Almost everyone needs to do it at some point in their lives. Putting together a resume, a cover letter, answering key selection criteria even just searching online to find something that you’re half interested in can be a real challenge! This section will give you a good kick start.

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  • Counselling

    counseling by IconTrack from the Noun Project Things go wrong all the time for everyone, but sometimes it can be a bit of an uphill battle to get back on top of life. The institute and the Australian Community offers so many different options for counselling and advice if you need it for many different reasons. All you have to do is ask for help which is easier said than done.
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  • Support for Students with Disabilities

    What services does BHI offer to students on site? This section introduces you to Technology Solutions (IT), International Student Services, Student Administration and Parking, Student Life and Library services, their hours and locations.

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  • Feedback and Improvement

    Do you think there's something missing here? Something that could be improved or updated? Let us know!

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