Resume for the experienced worker


The title is redundant but may be used




Contact details: phone number, email address



Profile or Career Summary

This can be:

  • a summary or what you have to offer or
  • a framework which explains any disconnect between the job you are applying for and previous experience.



Relevant Skills:

  • List approximately 6 – 10
  • Put them in the order of importance for the position you want
  • Use dot points




Employment History

Dates of employment             Job title,

Employer - information about the organisation’s size and operations can give insight into the scope of your role


  • You can use dot points
  • Try to differentiate positions you have held one from the other even if the job title is the same


Achievements: What was the task? How did you accomplish it? What was the (business) outcome? You may need to give some thought to this before you can include it.


Dates                                       Another position

                                                Another  company








Account for gaps in employment. This is important to some employers.




Education and training

List from most recent

Dates                                       Name of course

                                                Name of institution    

Subjects included: list the most relevant subjects studied or list your majors for a degree. Don’t expect employers to know the details of your course until the job ad specified it.


Achievements: such as “received credits for six of eleven subjects”. Mentions prizes or scholarships you won or positions of responsibility you held.


You don’t have to list all the training you ever did and you don’t need to list subjects for older courses.



Work placement

List as for employment



Other Highlights

  • This may be the place to list significant achievements that don’t relate to work or study



Community Involvement

  • Recent, current or relevant to position or skill set.




  • You will usually need at least two. They cannot be related to you.
  • Academic referees can be used. They are preferable to  personal referees.
  • Keep your referees informed of jobs you are being interviewed for

You can write “available at interview” if you prefer.