Uploading a file to StudentWeb

Uploading a file to StudentWeb (Moodle)

These instructions explain submitting a file (e.g. a Word or PowerPoint document, or a video) for an assignment, but adding a file to a discussion forum or wiki, etc, is similar.  Here we assume you have downloaded the assignment brief, done the work, and are ready to submit it.

 Note: Be sure that you finish the process - you’ll see “Submitted for grading”  when it’s complete.

  1. Log into Studentweb and click on your unit
  2. Click on the assessment
  3. Click Add submission
  4. In some systems, you can simply drag your document into the box with the big blue arrow, but I’m going to show you the way that works on all systems:
  5. Click Add, and the File Picker window opens
  6. Click Upload a file, then Choose file
  7. Now find your file on your computer and then either click it once and click Open, or double-click it.
  8. You are brought back to the File picker window.  Check that the file’s name is showing beside the Choose file button. (It may be that only part of the name shows)
  9. Leave the Save as box empty – it’s only used if you want to rename the file in StudentWeb. (If you do use it to rename the file, you must add the file extension, such as .DOCX)
  10. If there is an assignment submission statement, you’ll have to check the box, to declare that “This assignment is my own work, except where I have acknowledged the use of the works of other people.”  If you have used content from the Internet or from somewhere else, make sure that you say so in the document – before you upload it.
  11. Click Save changes
  12. Check that you receive the message Submitted for grading, and that the correct file name is showing beside File submissions.  
  13. Then you can log off!

If you're required to upload a PDF document you'll need to save your document as a PDF.

  • From Word, use File, Save as Adobe PDF. Don't use Print to PDF as this can cause problems.
  • From Pages (Mac), use File, Export To and choose PDF

Last modified: Monday, 4 March 2019, 2:58 PM