Placing items on reserve

Counter reserve

Books, DVDs and other resources expected to be in high demand can be placed on Reserve, which means they can only be used within the Library, with a loan period of two hours. This means they are available on a more equitable basis to students. (Staff may borrow counter reserve items for use in a class)

  • At CAE campus library, reserve items are on shelf at near the library entrance.
  • At Nelson campus library, reserve items are held separately behind the customer service desk.

Please speak to Library staff if you would like to have an item put on counter reserve.

Short-term loans

Items can also be made available as a short-term loan, which means the usual loan period is shortened to facilitate access by students during peak usage time. Overnight loans, three day loans, seven day loans and more are available.

Please speak to Library staff if you would like to have the loan period for an item shortened.

Short term loan items are normally kept with the main collection.


Rather than put an entire book or periodical away behind the Library desk, why not ask the library to scan the relevant chapter or article and make it available through the catalogue? The catalogue is available from any device with an internet connection, allowing students to log in and access the material from anywhere.

The eReserve service is provided subject to copyright restrictions; please see the User Guide for more information.

If you would like to submit an item for online reserve, please complete the Request Form.

Teacher reserve

There are items at both Elgar and Nelson libraries that can only be borrowed by teachers. These are generally expensive, or high demand items.

Nelson teacher reserve items are located behind the customer service desk – ask staff for assistance.

Elgar teacher reserve items are interfiled with the rest of the collection, but can be identified by a spine sticker saying 'Teacher reference'

Let library staff know if you would like any items placed on teacher reserve. 

Last modified: Monday, 14 May 2018, 12:43 PM