Training and research help

Training for staff and students

Doing a higher level degree or course? Library staff can help you learn about the resources available for your study, how to effectively search and evaluate them, and how to correctly reference your work.

Training is offered for staff, individual students or classes, in the following areas:

  • Library services, policies and procedures
  • Using the library catalogue
  • Using databases and electronic resources
  • Using eBooks
  • Using StudentWeb
  • Internet searching
  • Using Microsoft Office programs
  • The research process
  • Referencing

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of individual class groups, subjects and assignments, and typically range from about fifteen minutes for an orientation tour to over one hour for more a comprehensive session.

Talk to your liaison librarian to organise a session for you or your students.


Resource list preparation

Library staff can help you put together lists of relevant teaching and learning materials on a topic, either for classes or for your own projects and research.

We can provide details of materials already in the Library, those that can be brought in from other libraries, and/or those available for purchase. This service can cover materials of any format: books, articles, magazines and journals, DVDs, or online materials.

Lists can use your preferred citation and text-formatting style — making it easy to include with your teaching or research document package.


Subject article updates

The Library can help you keep up to date in your subject areas. Let us know areas or particular journal titles that you are interested in, and we can

  • Send you scanned contents pages from relevant journals
  • Send you articles or information in that subject area.

This service can be tailored to meet your needs, and can include information from our print resources, online databases and subscriptions, as well as free online materials.



Libguides are online subject guides prepared by librarians at Box Hill Institute. There are guides for a wide range of courses with information on the print and online resources provided by the library, as well as relevant free online materials. There are also Libguides covering topics like referencing, research skills, and job seeking. For a complete list of LibGuides, click here

Librarians can create or tailor LibGuides to meet your needs. For example, if your students have an assignment coming up, we can add a page to a guide with resources for that assignment. Or we can create a guide to cover a new subject area or course – talk to your liaison librarian if you would like more information about how LibGuides can help you and your students.

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