Forward student email to another address

1Log into (SeeStudent Emailif you need instructions to login).

2After you sign in to Outlook Web App select the white cog on the top right of the screen.

stepone red

3More options will drop down, ensure you chose the mail option near the bottom.

steptwo red

4Options will now appear on the left of your screen. Select Inbox and sweep rules.

stepthree red

5Select the plus icon.

plusicon red

6Here we can create the rule, copy exactly the options selected in the screenshot below.


 7 Choose the email address you want to forward your student emails. Note: you can only choose emails that have been added to your contact list.

 8 If your inbox rule looks like the screenshot above you can now save your rule. If it does not you might need to delete this rule and start over.

final step

For further help and advice contact the IT Service Desk

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