Indigenous employment opportunities

This chapter provides information and a link to employment opportunities at the Univerisity of Melbourne for Indigenous BHI and CAE learners.

TAFE Partnerships Program - a partnership with Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute is a partner of a formalised TAFE Partnerships Program (TAFE Pathways) that includes the University of Melbourne and two metropolitan TAFEs. TAFE Pathways provides employment pathways for Indigenous TAFE students into professional roles at the University of Melbourne. The partners include: – University of Melbourne, Box Hill Institute, Kangan Institute and Chisolm Institute.

The program aims to build and maintain strong partnerships with the University in order to increase employment opportunities available to their students and graduates whilst, at the same time, build the profile of Box Hill Institute as a preferable educational institution of choice among Indigenous Australians to overall improve the educational and employment outcomes of Indigenous Australians.

TAFE Pathways caters for Indigenous students who are currently studying at Box Hill Institute or CAE or have recently completed their studies inviting them to apply for roles at the University of Melbourne (UoM) specifically allocated under the program.

Once TAFE Pathway recruits are employed, they have the opportunity to participate in a formalised mentoring program and to engage in a range of enrichment activities with our IAEDP recruits.

The aims of the TAFE Partnerships Program will be achieved by:

  • Identifying suitable students for employment opportunities at UoM
  • Active targeting and support for students who wish to apply for UoM positions
  • Promoting all UoM roles to our students
  • Host forums to hold Information sessions and meet UoM Staff.


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