Login problems

A student login is required to access or book the student PCs. This is also the log in that you use to access StudentWeb.

User name

New students from 2016 onwards: Your user name is 's' plus your student number e.g. s12345678

Students who were first enrolled in 2015 or earlier:

  • BHI students: Your username is bhi plus your student number e.g : bhi1234567
  • CAE students: Your user name is cae plus your student number e.g. cae1234567


All students: Your Password is your date of birth: YYYYMMDD 

Please note that it may take up to 10 days, from the enrolment date, for your login to be activated. Temporary logins are available from Library staff.

It is recommended that your change your initial default password to something more secure. Try to choose a password you will remember as you will need it to log into the Library PCs and StudentWeb. This new password may take up to 15 minutes to work. If you forget your password, Library staff can reset it to your date of birth.

Lost or accidentally deleted work

The student computer network does not save copies of your work. Make sure you save your work regularly to a portable device such as a USB or an online file storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox

Documents not printing

Printing from a PC is linked to your student card; you must be logged onto a PC to obtain print jobs you have sent to the printer.  Check you have sufficient money on your student card before printing. 

Please note that printing defaults to black and white single sided. Changes to these settings need to be made before sending a job to print. Please ask Library staff for assistance.

Free scanning is available at each campus library for staff and students from both the black and white and colour photocopiers.  Documents are scanned in PDF format, and can be saved to a USB.

Faulty Library equipment

Please report faulty equipment (such as a mouse, monitor, keyboard, or USB port) immediately to Library staff. Equipment will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Blocked sites

Entire sites, certain frames or portions of the screen can be blocked because they contain words or images that may be offensive.  If you are unable to access a site for your course please speak to a Library staff member,  IT Services will then investigate the request as soon as possible and, if appropriate, unblock the site.

Last modified: Monday, 14 May 2018, 12:36 PM