Library PCs

Box Hill Institute Library provides you with most of the software you need for courses.  The Library has general software and programs specific to courses taught at each Campus, in addition to hardware such as scanners and CD burners.

A student login is required to access or book the student PCs

User name

New students from 2016 onwards: Your user name is 's' and your student number e.g. s12345678

Students who were first enrolled in 2015 or earlier:

  • BHI students: Your username is bhi and your student number e.g : bhi1234567
  • CAE students: Your user name is cae and your student number e.g. cae1234567


All students: Your Password is your date of birth: YYYYMMDD

Bookings can be made through the link below.

Contact Library staff if you have difficulty logging in.

PC Bookings (Pharos)


Also available:

  • 2 AutoCAD PCs at the Elgar Campus Library
  • 1 document scanner at each campus Library
  • 1 Learner Support PC at each campus Library


Please note: The student computer network does not save copies of your work. Make sure you save your work regularly.

Wi-Fi is also available at all campus Libraries for students and staff. You will need a student/staff ID and a laptop or device with Wi-Fi capabilities to connect to the wireless network.

Hardware and software on all PCs at Whitehorse and Elgar Campus Libraries

  • Adobe Reader
  • Internet Explorer
  • MS Office, including:
    • MS Access 2010
    • MS Excel 2010
    • MS PowerPoint 2010
    • Microsoft Project 2010
    • MS Publisher 201
    • MS Word 2010
  • Windows DVD Maker
  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • CD/DVD drive & USB ports


Additional software on the Learner Support PC (Elgar Block C PC 3)

  • Large screen PC
  • FSReader 2.0
  • JAWS 14.0
  • Plus the standard PC hardware and software listed above.


Additional software on all PCs at Elgar Campus Library

  • MYOB AccountRight Plus v.19+
  • QuickBooks Premier-Student Edition
  • Reckon Elite Practice Management


Addtional software on the Elgar AutoCAD PCs (Block C PCs 8 and 9)

  • AutoCAD 
  • 3DS max
  • Revit 
  • Sketchup 
  • Solidworks 


Additional software at Nelson Library


  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Bridge CS6
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  • Adobe Fireworks CS6
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS6
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6

To book a PC

  • Click on ‘Book a Library PC’ on the Library  iLink catalogue (If in the Discovery catalogue, click on the “catalogue” tab first)
  • Login in with your usual student log on (see above for details)
  • Select Branch (Campus)
  • Select Log on

If booking a PC at Elgar change Block if required, Block A, Block B or Block C

  1. At the next screen enter duration (in minutes), default is 120 mins or 2 hours
  2. Change month if required (can book 2 months in advance)
  3. Click on another day if required  (defaults to current day)
  4. For the next available booking select ASAP or select time from drop down menu
  5. Select Reserve a Computer
  6. The next  screen includes the student ID number, Scheduled (starting) Time, Computer Description (PC Number and/or block) and Branch
  7. Click OK to confirm the booking
  8. The next screen will show the booking ‘Under Pending Reservations’, if you have finished click on Log Off (top right hand corner) or if you wish to make changes select Cancel under Pending Reservations. Click Ok to confirm.
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