Equipment and facilities

Read on for information about library PCs, photocopiers, equipment and rooms available for staff use.

Library PCs

Library PCs can be booked by staff for class use, although availability may vary depending on demand. To make a booking, please contact library staff.

Staff can access PCs in the library by changing the domain to 'Mail' and using their network login. To access StaffWeb and the g drive from Library PCs, you will need to use the Remote deskop connection. Ask library staff for more information.

For more information about the PCs and software available at each campus, please refer to the IT Information section of this website.


Photocopying and printing

Each Library has both black and white and colour photocopying equipment available for staff use.

You can pay for copies by swiping an Institute photocopy card at the equipment before use. (Staff without a photocopy card, should speak to their Centre Manager about getting a card or making other arrangements with the Library or alternatively pay for their copies and seek reimbursement later.)

Library staff are happy to help with photocopying issues, such as size and angulation.  

Equipment loans


The following equipment can be borrowed from Elgar library:

Staff only

  • Data projectors
  • Screen
  • Overhead projector
  • TV, video and DVD player (on a trolley)
  • Echo360 microphones
  • Whiteboard pens and cleaning cloths (for use on E3 level 4)
  • Laptops
    • One reserved for CHATS staff only
    • One for use in the auditorium only. Includes microphone pack.

Staff and students

  • CD and tape players
  • Calculators
  • LAN cables

Where possible, please return equipment before the Library closes. If this is not possible, please lock the item in a secure place, such as a filing cabinet or cupboard, and return it to the Library the next working day. Please let Library staff when items will be returned when borrowing.

Please do not leave equipment in classrooms, even if the classroom is locked upon leaving.

Library staff will do their best to assist with any technical difficulties that may arise.

Contact Library staff to make a booking or for more information.


There is one data projector available at Lilydale library for staff to borrow. Contact the library for more information.

City and Nelson

There is no equipment available for loan from the City (CAE), or Nelson campus libraries.



Room E3.224, which is located within the library, can be booked through the timetabling team, using the Celcat system. When not formally booked, the room can be used on an ad hoc basis by staff and students.

The room contains datapoints, tables and chairs. There is a PC connected to an overhead projector and screen, but no student PCs. This room fits around 16 people in comfort.

Room E3.222, also located in the library, can be booked via library staff. This room contains a PC, tables and chairs, and is sized to suit 1-2 people only.


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