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Making Your Campus Life Fun

Get Involved in the Student Life Activities!

Now that you are a student of the Box Hill Institute Group, your student life is more than classes and timetables and that’s where Student Life activities come in. As part of the Student Life, we want to ensure that your time at the various campuses is fun.

We are here to help you get the most out of your time here. This includes everything from providing opportunities to meet and have fun with other students to offering chances for you to gain experience that will prove invaluable when you graduate and head out into the workforce.

As a student you have the unique opportunity to contribute, so why don’t you join Student Life today?

Our offices are located on the ground floor of Building 1 at the Whitehorse campus, next to the student lounge and in the student lounge at the Elgar Campus, which is located below the cafeteria in Building 3 ground level. 

Calendar of Events

Each year Student Life plans and runs a calendar of activities for students. You can come and see us on event days for plenty of free food and fun. Students are able to get involved in planning every single part of the events calendar. You can run the show to further your skills outside the classroom while having a great time and making new friends!

For more information on Student Activities you can email us or drop into the Student Life Office on your campus.

Student Lounges

Student Life is dedicated to providing stress-free and inclusive areas for you to hang out in when not in class. Each campus has a student lounge where you can eat lunch, chat with friends, watch TV or lose yourself in a game.

Elgar Campus- Building 3 Basement (underneath the Cafeteria)

Nelson Campus- Building 1 Ground Floor (next to Cafeteria)

Whitehorse Campus- Building 1 Ground Floor (behind Cafeteria)

Lost Property

Lost something? Found something? The Whitehorse and Elgar Student Life offices, and the Student Life Reception on Elgar Campus each have a lost property bin.

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