Leaving accommodation

What if you want to leave ?

  • An agreement needs to be made as to how much notice needs to be given and remember that the Residential Tenancies Act does not cover co-tenants in this situation.  Nevertheless, if your name is on a fixed term lease (six/twelve months for example), you will continue to be responsible for your tenancy until the lease is ended and everyone leaves the property.
  • Sometimes, arrangements may be made where you find someone to take over your share of the lease, but this should involve changing the actual lease - taking your name off, and replacing it with someone else, otherwise you may be held responsible for someone else’s actions.

What if the landlord or agent want you to leave?

  • A Notice to Vacate must be served if you are required to move out of the property.
  • The reason the Notice to Vacate is being served will effect the notice period. For instance, malicious damage to a property can result in an immediate Notice to Vacate, a 14 day Notice to Vacate can be as a result of being 14 days in arrears, subletting the property without consent of the landlord and use of the premises for illegal activities.
  • If you are given a Notice to Vacate and would like to check the legalities of it or would like some more information, please contact the Tenants Union on 94162577.
Last modified: Wednesday, 2 February 2011, 9:09 AM