Choosing a career

What type of work suits me?

Because there are so many occupations in our society, it can be difficult to decide what you would like to do. Gather as much relevant information as you can, talk about possible choices with family, friends, contacts, teachers and consider what might fit your particular circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that you start with a list containing a number of jobs to consider further. As you find out more about each one, you may change your mind about what you would like to do. Some people are very focused on one particular career and can be devastated if it is not attainable. Most people can find career fulfilment in any one of a number of jobs and you will probably have a number of different jobs during your lifetime!

You can refer to your career counsellor at any time for guidance and help.

Think about ... your interests, characteristics, abilities and skills, your values and your circumstances. Consider how these relate to jobs you are interested in.

The government has set up to help people with their career decisions. In "My Guide", you will find a career exploration tool that is a way of relating information about you to career choice.

There are also books available in the libraries and online videos  that help you gather relevant information about yourself and apply it to the world of work.

People are often aware of where their abilities lie.  We can also get feedback from people who know us well.  If you would like an objective test of your skills, an educational psychologist can do this.  However, your performance in studies and activities is usually a reliable guide to strengths and weaknesses.

Career assessments and tests

Careers counsellors look at personality as a way of determining what type of career would suit an individual. Different ways of analysing personality have been used in different tests but the results are consistent in most cases.

A person's values, attitudes and needs also have a strong bearing on career choice.

You will find self-assessment tests at in the "My Guide" section.

When an online or face-to-face assessment suggests you would be suitable for a certain kind of work, you need to examine the suggestions closely before deciding that they are right for you.  There are individual characteristics that are not measured in these assessments.

The Careers Counsellor will administer one of a number of inventories to find suitable career fields to investigate. Students can be referred to a counsellor who will administer the Myers Brigg Type Indicator, which is used to describe a person's preferred ways of interacting with the world and other people.  This can have profound implications for career choice.

An educational psychologist can provide intelligence and aptitude testing.

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