Organising your money

A budget is a system you use to organise your money. This allows you to pay bills when they are due to be able to buy what you need. Take a very good look at what you actually spend money on: include payments such as rent, utilities, loans, groceries and other items that are appropriate.
Use one of the budget forms following as a guide.


  • It is a good idea to budget for those things that you pay once a year: such as school fees, car insurance, car registration, school books, house insurance.
  • Calculate how many pay periods until the payment is due. To put enough money away, divide the amount required by the number of pay periods until the due date.  Whole yearly amounts divide by 26 if paid fortnightly. You have then calculated the amount you need to put aside each fortnight to pay the bill when it’s due.


  • Think about opening a Christmas club account - $10 each week (easy by direct debit) adds up to $520. This is good for an end of year treat or money towards next year’s fees and books.
  • Gas, electricity and water expenses can be obtained by telephoning your supplier. They will be able to inform you of your average fortnightly cost of usage. You can talk to them about a system of paying called “easyway”, which allows you to contribute some money to your bill fortnightly, eliminating a large bill when it’s due.
  • Get a group of friends together and everyone bring a tin of something – create original meals, combining the ingredients, plus have a social get together – cheap too!

Simple budget sheet

Print this out and fill it in to get a quick picture of your income versus expenses or you can fill it in online in EXCEL and it will be calculated for you.

Detailed budget sheet

Print this out and fill it in to get a complete picture of where your money comes from and where it goes!

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