Getting help with life as a student

Being a student can be stressful. When you add another factor to your life, such as homelessness or a financial crisis, stress levels can escalate. This can affect your ability to complete your course and impact on your quality of life.

The Welfare Officer is available to assist you to source the appropriate services and/or information.

This may include but is not limited to:

  • Information and assistance with Centrelink benefits (for example: eligibility for payments, application forms and entitlement figures);
  • Accommodation resources (an accommodation register is on Student web.)
  • Fee deferment (if you are eligible)
  • Referral to other services (for example counselling, or community-based services for support eg family support and/or youth housing support)
  • Assistance with budgeting through planning and prioritising resources
  • Orientation information (Melbourne, Box Hill and the Institute itself) for rural students considering attending the Institute.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment for the Welfare officer to come to the campus where you are studying or you can see her at the Nelson Student Life office.

If you would like to chat with our Welfare officer, either ring 9286 9891 or drop in to Student Life on Elgar campus E3.G56, next to the cafeteria.

Welfare - Overview of Service (Audio)

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