Printing Photocopying & Scanning

Services available at all libraries

  • Black and white printing
  • Black and white photocopying
  • Colour printing
  • Colour photocopying
  • Auto-feed tray (simplifies copying multiple page documents through the photocopier)
  • A4 and A3 sizes
  • Single and double sided options

Your student card is required for printing and photocopying.

Credit can be added to student cards in a variety of ways:

  • using the coin/note machine at the Elgar library. 
  • transfer from your bank card via the blue kiosks in all library branches except for Lilydale. (A kiosk for Lilydale can be found next to the photocopier near the cafĂ© in Building LB.)
  • online funds transfer at

Any money not used in one session remains on the card for next time.

Money not used in your time at Box Hill Institute is not refunded.

Scanning to USB is a free service available via the photocopiers at all Libraries, however you need to have at least 10c on your student card for this to work. A separate scanner is also available at the Elgar library.

Print and Copy Prices



Black & White (per side)

10 cents

20 cents

Colour (per side)




Available Printers

The default setting for all print jobs in the library is A4, black and white, single sided; these can be changed if desired. Please see staff for assistance.

Printing is also available directly from the photocopiers (without having to login to a PC) for a range of file types including Microsoft Word, PDF, BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG from a USB, CD or SD card.


To print from your own laptop or device.

To print from your own laptop or device, click here.

Instructions for this process can be found here.



You can scan documents to a USB for free via a photocopier or the standalone scanner at Elgar. There must be a minimum of 10 cents on your student card to scan from the photocopiers. Ask library staff for assistance.


Students of Box Hill Institute are required to comply with copyright restrictions.Check the Copyright section of this website to make sure your printing and copying meets legal requirements.

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