CSDT Instructions



*Please read these instructions carefully*



  • Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox not Internet Explorer unless you have the latest version)

  • Copy ACER Link:  https://vawe.acer.edu.au/

  • Enter the username and password

  • After login, you will need to change the password to AAA111@aaa

  • Complete only these mandatory fields with accurate information about yourself:

    • First name

    • Last name (family name)

    • Email address

    • Date of birth- Use the drop down menu to select (do not type it yourself)

    • Program –

    • Campus –Select Enrolment Hub

  • Skip all the other questions

 Notes before you start  

 Complete the assessment by yourself, without any help.  An honest result will ensure you are put into the right level course, and help us determine which support to offer you to help you succeed with your studies.  You can use a calculator for the numeracy test.

  • Test has 3 parts: Reading, Numeracy and Writing. All three test to be completed.

  • Assessment is timed 45 minutes for Reading and 45 minutes for Numeracy. Writing do not have time limit.

  • Once you started any of the tests you need to finish it. If you want to complete the test later after finishing one part, you must use your Username and AAA111@aaa as password to login and to complete the rest.

 Once you register; there will be two tests (blue coloured) on the screen; Practice Test and Reading/Numeracy/Writing Test


  • The Practice test is optional

  • Reading/Numeracy/Writing Test

  • Reading – 25 questions

  • Numeracy – 25 questions (you can use a calculator)

  • Writing – The writing test has two tasks.

    • Write a note to your neighbour about their dog who constantly barks and

    • Write a formal letter about the same dog to your local city council. (A minimum of two paragraphs is required for each task). 


  • When you finish the test, the colour will turn into green “completed” and you can log off. The results will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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