Terms and Conditions for Accommodation listings

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The service

The Accommodation Register is an advertising service only. It is a non-profit service and as such does not check the accuracy, suitability or cost of the accommodation against what is otherwise available in the marketplace. It is the responsibility of both the accommodation provider and the student to ensure the suitability of the accommodation.

Box Hill Institute of TAFE will not be liable or held responsible in any way in relation to matters arising directly or indirectly from the provision of information via the Accommodation Register to any accommodation seeker or provider.

In accordance with Box Hill Institute policy, accommodation listings may not include content which is racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive (eg - Chinese Only). Listings which fail to comply will be removed from Student Web immediately.

Accommodation offers will only be accepted on the appropriate Institute pro-forma (as attached)

Information regarding accommodation offers will be placed on the Box Hill Institute Internet site. The Accommodation Register may also be posted, faxed and e-mailed to students after discussions with the Welfare Officer or other staff within Student Support Services.

Accommodation provider's surnames and addresses will not be placed on the Accommodation Register or made available to students, unless advised to do so by the accommodation provider.

Removing details from the register

It is the responsibility of the accommodation provider to notify the Welfare Officer when a vacancy has been filled and advertising is no longer required, reducing students wasting time & limited resources.

The accommodation advertisement will remain on the register until otherwise notified x 8 weeks. The Welfare Officer may contact the accommodation provider to verify information, this may occur via the telephone or in writing.

The Welfare Officer may at their discretion remove an accommodation offer from the register if complaints are received regarding the accommodation, and the Welfare Officer believes they are serious enough to warrant this action. Feed back from students is encouraged, and all complaints are taken seriously.

As an accommodation provider, you need to be aware of the legal requirements of letting out a room or a property. For more information contact Consumer and Business Affairs Victoria on 1300 558 181.

It is suggested that you discuss and reach agreements in the following areas before entering into any accommodation agreement.

  • How often will rent be paid
  • Will there be a bond and how much
  • Reasons for bond not being refunded
  • Reason for eviction
  • The length of the tenancy
  • Exactly what is included in the rent/board
  • Privacy issues of both the accommodation provider and the tenant.
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