Resources for teachers and staff members

Box Hill recommends the following tools which can be used for online delivery.


What is it and how is it used?

How is it accessed? / How to setup

Where can I access training/guides?

Remote desktop

Remote connection to Box Hill Institutes computer desktop.

It enables BHI staff working offsite (for example, from home) to access the BHI computer system including G drive and OurSpace.

Step 1: Download and setup Microsoft Authenticator on your phone:

Step 2: Setup your authentication method and connect to remote desktop

Note: These documents are up-to-date as of 30/03/2020.

Technology Solutions manages and supports Remote Desktop. For further information please contact them on 9286 9465.



Box Hill Institute’s Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers and students can use it for:

  • assignments and class materials
  • messaging
  • forums
  • chat
  • more


or search ‘studentweb’ online.

Use your staff username and login to access.

Important: Uploading videos directly to StudentWeb will cause StudentWeb to slow down. To upload videos, you must use Echo360: instructions available in the Work from home readiness resources section in the StudentWeb Teacher Guide.  


  • Training sessions: PD Calendar
  • User guide: StudentWeb Teacher Guide

    Note: The teacher guide contains a number of sections ranging from Teaching and Assessing in StudentWeb to communication with students online.


Microsoft Teams

This teamwork hub and group chat platform can be used by teachers and students for remote classroom teaching. It can also be used by staff/teachers for remote meetings. Features include:

  • video conferencing/teaching
  • recording of video lessons
  • messaging
  • voice calls.

Important: At all times, the Private – Only team owners can add members option should be selected.

Microsoft Teams software is available as a desktop application and a browser-based web application.

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Desktop application 

Microsoft Teams must only be installed on a BHI-managed PC at this stage. If you do not already have it installed on your BHI-managed PC, you can install it from the Software Centre (type 'software centre' in the search box in Windows). 

Warning: It is technically possible to install it on a private PC but to do so and use it with your BHI login credentials is against Box Hill Institute policies as it is a serious cyber security risk. (Technology Solutions is currently working on this.) 

Browser-based web application

The browser-based web application can be accessed via a web browser and visiting

  1. Use your Box Hill Institute login credentials to log in. You will need Multifactor Authentication to sign in. 
  2. Then select the Teams Icon.

This browser-based web application method will also work within the Box Hill Institute Remote Desktop.* 

Note: On the browser-based web application, some functionality such as video and screen-sharing may function poorly or not at all. *Note that on BHI's Remote Desktop, you can also access all current standard applications such as Outlook, SEIK, etc. Department/school/area specific applications and software may not be available via the standard Remote Desktop; check with your manager. 

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based service that brings together tools like Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.

Office 365 is accessed in the same way as Microsoft Teams. See instructions above.


Virtual classroom and LMS software. Can be used by teachers to run live virtual classrooms with live video.

Accessed through StudentWeb.

Note: A maximum of 30 concurrent WizIQ classes can run at any one time, with up to 50 students per class. 




Video platform that allows teachers to create video recordings and share them with students. You can think of Echo360 as BHI’s ‘YouTube’. NOTE: This is the preferred method for uploading videos to StudentWeb; uploading videos directly to StudentWeb without Echo360 will cause StudentWeb to slow down. 

Accessed through StudentWeb.


Comparison chart

Tool Students have access Record presentations without students Run live presentations  with audience View past presentations
Record video Record Screen



Microsoft Teams

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