Resources for teachers and staff members

Box Hill Institute (BHI) recommends the following tools which can be used for online delivery. 

BHI is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone. Ensure that you and your students are aware of the requirement for respectful and appropriate online communication. These are covered in the Student Code of Conduct and Staff Code of Conduct.


StudentWeb is BHI's Learning Management System (LMS). Teachers and students can use it for assignments and class materials, messaging, forums, chat and more.

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Microsoft Teams can be used for meetings and remote classroom delivery. Features include video conferencing, messaging and voice calls.

Warning: When creating a team, always select the Private – Only team owners can add members option. Do not change this setting at any time.

  • Setup browser-based version
  • Setup desktop application
  • Training and resources
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Echo360 is a video platform that allows teachers to create video recordings and share them with students. You can think of Echo360 as BHI’s ‘YouTube’.

Warning: You must use Echo360 to upload your own videos to StudentWeb.

  • Accessing/Setup
  • Training and resources
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WizIQ is a virtual classroom and LMS software. It can be used by teachers to run live virtual classrooms that can be recorded.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows you to connect to BHI's computer desktop, giving you access to applications and systems on the BHI network including G drive and OurSpace. For direct access to your staff email visit

Note: For support with Remote Desktop contact Technology Solutions on 9286 9465.

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Office 365 is a cloud-based service that brings together tools like Excel, Word, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams and more.

Note: For support with Office 365 contact Technology Solutions on 9286 9465.

  • Accessing/Setup
  • Training and resources

Comparison chart

Tool Students have access Record presentations without students Run live presentations  with audience View past presentations
Record video Record Screen



Microsoft Teams

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