Rights and responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities include:

  • to be informed by staff at the start of each segment of learning or unit of competency, module or subject - of the assessment, methods and requirements including timeframe for completion
  • to have an alternative time or location of assessment negotiated with your teacher (subject to Teaching school/course area guidelines)
  • to be advised of the attendance required to successfully complete each segment of learning.

Complaints and Grievances

Any appeals, complaints, disputes, grievances and disciplinary action will be dealt with in accordance with the policies and procedures of Box Hill Institute. These grievance procedures do not remove the student’s right to seek other legal remedies through the Australian legal system.

To lodge a complaint or grievance, please contact the following:

Student Support: 9286 9891

Customer Relations Officer: 9286 9457

Send an enquiry via our Contact page

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What are your responsibilities?

To complete assignments and assessments as advised by teaching staff and your curriculum requirements.

To advise the teacher immediately if there are extenuating circumstances which mean you are unable to meet the deadlines for assessment and to organise alternative arrangements.

To attend all classes and verify your attendance is meeting the requirements. Model your behaviour on workplace practice – always supply documentation if you are unable to attend for a valid reason.

To behave in a way which respects the rights of others and does not contravene the Student Code of Conduct or any other Box Hill Institute and CAE Policy. The Institute’s Code of Conduct is located here.

Behaviour which is outside or against the code includes but is not limited to: aggressive, disorderly disruptive behaviour which interferes with the comfort, safety or convenience of any person who is acting lawfully and entitled to be present. Verbal or physical harassment (sexual or otherwise), or bullying and assault.

Not to damage or remove property.

Not to bring drugs or alcohol on the premises – this includes not being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Not to cheat or attempt to cheat in respect of an assessment.

To turn off mobile phones in class.

To comply with any instruction by a member of staff relating to the safety of any person on the Institute campuses.

When entering or leaving the car parking facilities at the Institute you need to consider our neighbours and drive safely. Car parks and local streets are under surveillance by police and local government.

When a student does not comply with the Code of Conduct, processes and consequences apply which are guided by the Institutes Student Conduct Management Policy and Student Conduct Management Procedure.

Instructions: Click each tick box to discover more about your responsibilities.

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Possible disciplinary action may include:

Behaviour contracts.



Reporting criminal matters to the police.

Note: Box Hill Institute Group is a smoke-free environment. You must not smoke on campus.

          Click here to read more about 'Smoke Free 2015 - Moving towards a healthier place to work and learn'.

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