Policies and commitments

Policies and procedures affecting student are available for viewing through the Box Hill Institute Group Website at:

You should consult them before taking related action.

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Information Privacy Act

Your personal information will be handled in accordance with State and Commonwealth Information Privacy legislation. If you require more information on the Institute’s privacy handling practices please visit the Institute’s Privacy Collection Statement on the Institute website, or send an email to: privacy@boxhill.edu.au.

Strict policy and guidelines govern the way in which Box Hill Institute Group and its authorised personnel access, use, manage and store records containing personal information. Campus surveillance activities are widely publicised by specific warning signs placed throughout the campus, and attention to surveillance activities is included in student handbooks and posted on notice boards in student lounges.

OHS Policy

Box Hill Group recognises its responsibility under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004) to provide a working and learning environment that is safe and without risks to health.

To meet this responsibility Box Hill Group:

  • complies with all applicable laws, regulations and standards
  • manages occupational health and safety risks by implementing an effective occupational health and  safety management system
  • maintains a culture of responsibility and accountability through training and awareness raising programs
  • communicates openly with employees and students on occupational health and safety issues
  • regularly monitors and reviews all aspects of the occupational health and safety program.

Students are required to comply with the Institute’s OHS Policy.

Student Conduct Management

Students of Box Hill Institute and CAE are expected to behave in accordance with the following conduct guidelines.

The Student Code of Conduct applies to all students across the Box Hill Institute and CAE community and aims to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of everyone at the Institute.

Ensure your actions and words support teaching and learning:

  • be punctual and meet all attendance requirements, submit your own words truthfully and on time
  • follow your teacher’s instructions in regard to mobile phone use in class.

Respect yourself and others:

  • harassment, vilification, bullying including cyber bullying, physical and verbal assault is not acceptable and will not be tolerated
  • respect the right to privacy and the property of others including their intellectual property
  • be free from the influence of alcohol and/or drugs on campus. Learners under the influence will be requested to leave the institute
  • illegal activities will be referred to the police
  • refrain from smoking anywhere on campus, or littering or damaging, stealing or misusing any institute property
  • comply with Box Hill Institute and CAE policies and procedures.

Breaches of the Student Code of Conduct may result in action according to Institute policies and procedures including the Learner Conduct Management Policy - BHI and CAE

The policy is supported by the Learner Conduct Management Procedure - BHI and CAE.

Support for Students with Disabilities

The Disability Liaison Service (DLS) seeks to ensure that students with a disability, medical condition, or mental health condition experience equal access to learning opportunities and are able to participate in education and training that is free from discrimination. We support students with a disability and make reasonable adjustments so they can access, participate in and have opportunities to succeed on the same basis as other students.


To be eligible to receive support services provided by the DLS you are required to provide documentary evidence of disability, medical condition or mental health condition in a form of a letter, report or assessment supplied by a medical professional such as your doctor, psychologist, or occupational therapist. Documentary evidence should be recent and outline any implications expected to impact on the your studies.


A meeting with a Disability Liaison Officer will be made to develop a Student Support Plan which guides the provision and review of reasonable adjustments and supports. Adjustments will vary according to individual needs and could include access to our buildings, facilities and services and the provision of:


  • Assistive technology and other study aids 
  • In-class support services (assistance with reading, writing, participation & communication)
  • Class materials in alternate format (e-text, large print, braille)
  • Flexibility in participation and assessment


To make an appointment with the DLS you can contact Student Life:

  • Box Hill Institute - (03) 9286 9891
  • CAE - (03) 9652 0611
Security Surveillance Policy

Box Hill Group undertakes surveillance activities for the purposes of:

  • maintaining security of buildings and grounds
  • protection of any person’s lawful interests
  • law enforcement activities including investigation and prosecution of offences which are against the law.

There are a range of policies and procedures that specifically relate to inbound international students and details of these can be gained through International Student Services on 9286 9425 or via http://www.boxhill.edu.au/international/international-students/.

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