VCAL and VCE students

It’s up to you

You are responsible for managing your own time. It’s up to you to get to class, get there on time, stay for the whole class, get your set work in. Your teachers want you to demonstrate those competencies or pass that subject, and will help you wherever they can, but they do expect you to meet them half way. The BHIG Student Management System electronically tracks your attendance by recording when you arrive.

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Take charge

Ask. If the reply doesn’t really explain the issue then ask again, or ask someone else. Sometimes in adult education things won’t always be spelt out for you. If you’re not sure of something don’t wait to be told or make assumptions. Ask.

Respect is not a dirty word

The best thing about adult education however, is that it’s a two way street. It is built on the grounds of mutual trust and respect between students and staff. Show respect for your teachers and you can expect the same in return, as well the help you need to get you where you want to go.

Find your own reasons

You may not be sure what you want to do or you may feel you are only here because someone else wants you to be. Either way you need to find your own reasons to complete your VCE/VCAL. Make a list of the things you know you want, then think about how completing can be a pathway to what you want.

Helpful people

The Youth Worker-VAE at Box Hill’s Whitehorse campus and the Youth Pathways Planning Officers (based at CAE) are here specifically to assist younger students.

Video: Hear real students speak about their experience studying VCE at Box Hill Institute.

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