International students

Making a major transition? Moving to a new country, finding a place to live, meeting friends, getting on with study – and making ends meet financially – that’s a big ask.

To help you make a smooth transition read each of the tips below: 

Instructions: Select each heading to learn useful tips.

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Active learning

Teachers in Australia and at Box Hill Institute and CAE offer knowledge, information, ideas and facts, but they also strongly encourage students to explore and find additional knowledge from sources and books other than those used in class. Asking questions of the teacher and discussing what is being said is encouraged and is not seen as being disrespectful or challenging to the teacher’s authority. Instead, this shows your interest and willingness to participate in class.

Student skills

Remembering and reproducing information is an important skill for students in Australia. In addition to this, you are encouraged to develop independent thinking. You will be expected to do the following:

  • take notes during class  
  • ask questions of the teachers
  • attend all classes (unless ill and able to produce a doctor’s certificate)
  • be on time to classes
  • remain in class for the whole lesson (unless a valid reason is given)
  • hand in original work
  • develop research and library skills
  • complete all assessment tasks by the due dates
  • read prescribed texts plus additional reading
  • participate in class
  • request help if needed.

Teaching styles

Studying in a new country will require you to adjust to new things. There will be differences between the learning, teaching and assessment styles used in Australia and those in your home country.

For example, the main styles of teaching and learning in some overseas countries focus on remembering and repeating information. Teaching and learning in Australia differs from these methods, and particularly in vocational education and training, which is based on practical assessments and demonstration of a list of competencies.


Of course socialising is a very important part of your time at Box Hill Institute/CAE. Your student association, called Student Life at Box Hill Institute/CAE, and International Student Services run activities you can get involved in both on- and off-campus. All outings are subsidised so the cost to you is minimal. To join you need to fill out an application form at International Student Services, Building 9 on Elgar campus, 9286 9010. Or, visit


Another place to go for useful information about everything from government visa regulations, health cover forms, accommodation advertisements, to applying for work visas, is the International Student Services site on the Box Hill Institute/CAE StudentWeb -

Note: A Co-ordinator for International Student Support arranges specialised support designed to address the needs of international students. This includes orientation and activity programs, as well as individual support for international students. The co-ordinator can be contacted through the Student Life reception (phone 9286 9891), or more directly through International Student Services, phone 9286 9010.

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