Students who are carers

The Box Hill Institute and CAE is committed to support students who are carers to successfully combine their family and study commitments.

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Childcare centres

Current information on local childcare centres and services is available from the Welfare Officer at Student Life and Box Hill Institute/CAE StudentWeb, and at the CAE learner website.

Study arrangements

A student may seek changes to their study arrangements for an agreed specified period where their usual or current childcare cannot be guaranteed.

Facilities to support breast and bottle feeding

The Box Hill Institute and CAE provides, for students who are parents, a designated and appropriate space for breast and bottle feeding and expressing and storing milk.

Procedure Box Hill Institute: Baby change facilities are located on the Elgar, Whitehorse and Nelson campuses of Box Hill Institute.

If you are a breastfeeding mother and need to feed your baby, or if you need to express milk during your time on campus, there is a room available at the Elgar campus for this purpose. If this is not a convenient location for you, alternate arrangements can be made by contacting Student Life. To make use of the room, please refer to the following procedure.

  1. Register your name with our Welfare Officer via reception at Student Life on 9286 9891. You will need to provide your student ID number which is located on your student card. If you would prefer to visit in person, Student Life is located on the Nelson Campus, next to the cafeteria.
  2. Once you have registered, you will be able to access the room by swiping your student ID card near the door. You will need to allow 24-48 hours for swipe access to be activated on your card, and your card will be programmed with an end date (when you anticipate that you will no longer need to use the room).
  3. If you need to store expressed milk, there is a small fridge located in the room. This fridge is used for no other purpose, however, security of any stored milk is at the mother's risk, and any milk stored must be clearly labelled.

Procedure CAE: The CAE provides a room for parents including breastfeeding mothers on level four of 253 Flinders Lane, in Room B424, or phone 9652 0611.

Children on campus

The supervision of a child on campus remains the sole responsibility of the parent/carer. Students wishing to bring a child onto a Box Hill Institute or CAE campus or associated site or students wishing to breast/bottle feed or express at Box Hill Institute or CAE should first discuss their needs with their coordinator or teacher. Serious consideration will be given to requests, which should be reasonable and give due consideration to the Box Hill Institute or CAE’s operational requirements and to occupational health and safety. Requests should be made as soon as possible to allow due consideration and time for any changes to be implemented.

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