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QR Codes on Campus

QR Codes on Campus

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QR Codes on Campus – Service Victoria App

Box Hill Institute has transitioned to the Victorian Government’s QR Code Service, which helps contact tracers to contain a COVID-19 outbreak and helps keep our campuses safe for employees, students and visitors.

 QR Code Check Ins Are Mandatory On Campus

Every person who attends a Box Hill Institute campus is required to use the QR code system to check into every building they enter, regardless of how much time they spend in that building. QR codes are unique for each building on campus to assist with accurate contact tracing.

 Posters with the QR codes are on display in multiple locations across all buildings. They can be found at the entrance of each building and in classrooms. Teachers will confirm all students have checked in for class.

How to Check In Using the QR Codes – Service Victoria App

Download the Service Victoria App from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once you have the app downloaded, you will be able to use it to scan the QR codes. You can also use your phone camera (some models) to scan the QR codes.

The Service Victoria App also has a manual check-in option. This can be used by entering the 6-character unique Location Code that appears below the QR code.

Box Hill Institute has no access to the Service Victoria app data (unless a case is confirmed).

More information about the Victorian Government QR code service app can be found on the coronavirus website.