21 July 2021 COVID-19 Update

21 July 2021 COVID-19 Update

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21 July 2021 COVID-19 Update

In response to the State Government’s announcement on 21 July 2021, Victoria remains in lockdown.

There are five essential reasons to leave home, which are:

·         shopping for necessary goods and services (one person per household, once per day, a support person can accompany if required)

·         caregiving or compassionate reasons

·         authorised work or permitted education or work interstate

·         exercise (up to two hours, with one other person or members of your household)

·         to receive a vaccination

·         For shopping and exercise, you must stay within 5kms of your home.

Classes are being delivered remotely.

Teachers are assessing any courses that need to be delivered on campus and once courses have been confirmed, you will be contacted regarding a change in class schedule. Please do not attend campus if you have not been invited to return.

If your class is approved to be on campus during this time, please remember to:

·         scan QR codes for every building every day.

·         abide by COVIDSafe protocols including hand hygiene, maintaining 1.5m distance.

·         wear masks according to government restrictions.

·         abide by capacity limits.

If you are unwell, even with mild symptoms, do not attend campus or any workplace. Please speak to your teacher or Course Coordinator to make alternative arrangements.

If you have urgent questions, please contact your Course Coordinator or email returntocampus@boxhill.edu.au. 

Student Life

If you require support during this time, please contact Student Life on (03) 9286 9891 or email studentlife@boxhill.edu.au.

For International Students, please contact the International Student Wellbeing Officer, Nikki Singh on (03) 9286 9445 or via email at nikita.singh@boxhill.edu.au.

If you have questions about your academic progress and would like assistance with your assessments, please contact the International Academic Advisor, Faz Maghami on (03) 9286 9734 or via email at f.maghami@boxhill.edu.au.

Campus Security

If you are concerned for your safety at any time while on campus you can call security. For those students who are on campus extremely late or early, having someone with you to walk to your car and see you off can be a relief.

You will see our security staff in the student lounges and around campus, sometimes driving their bright little hatchbacks. So, if you’re feeling uncomfortable or afraid, talk to them, call them, make them aware of what is going on. They are here to help you and help the Institute to manage any safety issues that occur. See phone numbers for Box Hill Institute campuses listed below.

Box Hill - Elgar, Nelson & Whitehorse Campus's
03 9286 9286

City Campus
03 8892 1700

Lilydale Campus
03 8892 2555

Health and safety measures on campus


An increased level of cleaning and hygiene is occurring in high-traffic areas including building entrances, hallways, lifts, stairwells, bathrooms, and libraries. There is also a focus on high-touch surfaces, this includes tables, benches, handles, switches, railings, taps, toilets and sinks.

We are using hospital grade cleaner and sanitiser, and cleaning staff are required to wear gloves and follow all necessary hand hygiene and OHS protocols.

Hand sanitiser is available on campus, as part of the entry screening process, at most entrance points and is also available in all classrooms. As part of daily cleaning, all soap dispensers are checked and refilled when empty. 

Hygiene caddies are also located in classrooms for students and staff to use should they need to clean surfaces, in particular high-touch, shared surfaces such as keyboards and computers. 

Cleaning is conducted in accordance with the government’s COVID-19 cleaning guidelines, as per Australian Government Department of Health’s Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19.


Physical Distancing – maintaining 1.5 meters between yourself and others on campus – reduces close personal contact and has been identified as an effective measure for reducing the potential spread of COVID-19. As part of our approach to provide a safe environment for everyone on campus, Box Hill Institute has adopted the government guidelines re: COVID-19. Please see FAQs for more details.
The more space between you and other people, the harder it is for the virus to spread and infect people.