It’s Trans Awareness Week!

It’s Trans Awareness Week!

by Student Life -
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96% of trans and gender diverse young people will experience abuse due to their identify. But when a leader, like a teacher or coach, uses inclusive language, rates of social exclusion are halved.

 There are some easy things everyone can do to provide support and inclusion -

1.      Use Gender Neutral Language

Our language can sometimes put in place gendered phrases without us recognising the impact, instead of ‘hi guys’ open with ‘hi team’ or ‘hi crew’

Update your email signature to include gender pro nouns (she/her, he/him, they/them)

2.      Don’t Accept Disrespect

Call out disrespectful behaviour, including language- disrespectful/hurtful language, remarks or jokes. Everyone taking a stand and calling out inappropriate language and behaviours helps shape the BHI culture to a place we all want to be part of.

View the bringing up respect campaign, while focused on disrespect and violence against women, the campaign’s underpinning messages of young people having positive experiences, healthy relationships and opportunities to learn and respecting others, and themselves is important for Trans Awareness.

3.      Be careful about confidentiality, disclosure and outing

If someone shares their gender identity with you, don’t tell others’. It is not your story to tell, it is a personal journey and one when comfortable the individual will share.

4.      Be Patient & Respectful

The journey in identifying gender isn’t always a smooth and straight forward journey. While on the journey the individual may shift back and forth while finding out what pronoun (or pronouns) they feel comfortable with. Respect their journey and recognise the name and pronouns they use.

For more information about trans and gender diversity view ‘Trans 101 – Gender Diversity Crash Course’