Donations form an important part of the Library’s collection.

Free, unsolicited resources may be offered for inclusion in the Library collection.

Resources will be assessed to determine if they meet selection guidelines. Acceptance of a donation is also dependent on factors such as format, publication date, condition of material and (in the case of periodicals) continuity of supply. 

The Library will decide whether to retain or dispose of donations. As a general principle, the library does not accept conditional donations of material. At the request of the donor, the Library will return any items that it does not require for the collection. Where a donor does not require the return of unwanted materials, the Library will dispose of the items in the most appropriate way e.g. by gift to another Institute, sale, exchange or recycling. 

Where considered appropriate, the Library Manager will acknowledge donations in writing.

Donors are to be informed of these conditions when making a donation.

Last modified: Monday, 7 August 2017, 3:57 PM