Motor manuals

These manuals have been digitised with the permission of the copyright holders for use by Box Hill Institute staff and students only.


§EF Falcon repair manual WM 34

§EF/EL Falcon, NF/NL Fairlane, DF/DL LTD repair manual WM 39

§Festiva supplement - Econetic

§Festiva repair manual : all models from 1994 onwards including 1.5 litre engine


§Mazda 121 Workshop manual


§Toyota 1C, 1C-T, 2C engine repair manual

§Toyota 1C-TL Engine : Turbo-diesel : Service Training Information

§Toyota 1G-GE engine with TCCS : service training information

§Toyota 1W Engine: Service Training Information

§Toyota 1X Engine Emission Control Manual: for Corona

§Toyota 1X Engine Repair Manual

§Toyota 1Y, 1Y-C, 2Y, 2Y-C, 2Y-C(U), 3Y, 3Y-C, 3Y-C (U), 4Y, 4Y-C, 4Y-E : engine repair manual

§Toyota 2A, 3A, 3A-C, 4A, 4A-C engine repair manual

§Toyota 2H engine : repair manual

§Toyota 2L, 3L engine repair manual

§Toyota 2L-T, 3L engine repair manual supplement

§Toyota 3S-F and 3S-FE engine emission control repair manual

§Toyota 3VZ-FE engine repair manual

§Toyota 4A-F, 4A-GE engine repair manual

§Toyota 4A-GE engine : service training information

§Toyota 4A-GE TCCS : service training information

§Toyota 4M engine emission control : repair manual for Australia

§Toyota 5m-e Engine Repair Manual : Supplement for EFI System

§Toyota 5M-GE, 6M-GE engine repair manual

§Toyota 7M-GE engine repair manual

§Toyota 11B & 13B engines : service training information

§Toyota 21R, 22R engine repair manua

§Toyota 22R-E engine : supplement for EFI system repair manual

§Toyota automatic transaxle repair manual : A130L, A131L, A132, A132L, A140L, A140E

§Toyota automatic transmission A40D, A42D, A43D, A42DL, A43DL, A44DL, A43DE repair manual

§Toyota automatic transmission A340E, A340H repair manual

§Toyota Camry repair manual for chassis & body

§Toyota Camry repair manual for collision damage

§Toyota Camry repair manual supplement for chassis & body

§Toyota computer-controlled system for Toyota Supra 7M-GE engine : diagnosis manual

§Toyota Cressida repair manual : body

§Toyota Cressida Repair Manual: Chassis

§Toyota Crown repair manual for chassis & body : MS 12 series, YS 120 series, LS 120 series

§Toyota CSI, VXI and Newport models VR series service manual

§Toyota diagnosis manual : Toyota computer-controlled system for Celica 3S-GE engine

§Toyota diagnosis manual : Toyota computer-controlled system for Corolla and Celica 4A- GE engine

§Toyota electronically-controlled transmission for celica : diagnosis manual Toyota emission control repair manual : 18R-C engine (for Australia and Sweden)

§Toyota Land Cruiser repair manual : chassis & body
Toyota repair manual for chassis & body : Camry SDV10, VDV10 series

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