Students and Copyright

Students of Box Hill Institute are required to comply with copyright restrictions. This guide provides information to assist with this. Contact library staff if you require more information.


What is copyright?

Copyright is the (automatic) exclusive right of copyright owners to control how others (including students) can use their work. This affects how the work can be copied, electronically communicated or adapted. 


What print material and images can students copy for study purposes?

You may copy for your study:
• one chapter of a book, or 10% of the pages (10% of the words if the work is in electronic form)
• one article from a journal or newspaper (more if the articles are for the same assignment, or are on the same subject matter in a special edition)
• 15 pages from an anthology (for example: a collection of short stories)
• all of an artistic work, for example: a diagram or photo including images off the internet (when not available for separate purchase)
• 10% of a sheet music piece or play

Remember to always reference your material.


Students copying more than these limits

This is permitted if:

• Permission is granted by the copyright owner
• The work is available under a creative commons licence (although conditions of use for these must be complied with)
• The work is unavailable commercially in a reasonable timeframe
• Copyright has expired- usually 70 years after the death of the author.

Copying print material from the internet

The internet is not copyright free. All content on the internet should be treated as copyright, and all of the rights and requirements in this guide apply to that content. You need either a right, or a permission, to use internet materials. The rights and limits are the same as for “print materials and images” above.

Generally no audio-visual material can be copied from the internet without permission from its owner. Be aware of pirated, i.e. illegally posted material. Use of this material is illegal and can create liability.


Copying from library databases

Generally these databases allow the copying limits listed above. But always ask the library staff for advice since Box Hill Institute is bound by the terms of the contract with the supplier.

Music and DVDs

These should only be copied with specific permission, which will rarely be granted. Note that music and movies available for download from websites or through peer-to-peer or file-sharing networks may be illegal and infringe copyright.

Using BHI equipment to download, share or store music, movies or videos without the permission of the copyright owner is a breach of BHI’s Student Code of Conduct.

Linking to material

When doing assignments and presentations and putting them on password-protected sites such as StudentWeb, you may create links to WebPages and create embedded links where sites allow (such as with YouTube).

Do not link to material from sites containing pirated material.

Remember to always reference your links.


Copying software without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal and is not permitted on BHI sites or networks.

Protection of students work

Any essay, painting or any original work you create is automatically protected by copyright, which you own. Staff must get written permission from you if they want to copy or communicate your work for purposes unrelated to assessment

Respect computer use at BHI

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