If you need on-site security for any reason please call:  

 Box Hill - Elgar, Nelson & Whitehorse Campus's 03 9286 9286
 City 03 8892 1700
Lilydale03 8892 2555

This section also contains information about emergency services - Fire, Ambulance and Police - in Australia, what services they offer and information about personal and online safety like how to build strong yet memorable passwords.

What Can Security Help Me With?

If you're concerned for your safety at any time while on campus you can call security. Especially for those students who are on campus extremely early or late having someone with you to walk to your car and see you off is a relief. You'll see them in the student lounges and around campus, sometimes driving their bright little hatchbacks.

So if you're feeling uncomfortable or afraid, talk to them, call them, make them aware of what's going on. They help the institute to manage any safety issues that occur or if there's a serious accident where people require medical attention they can be onsite to direct people and provide assistance until an ambulance arrives.

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