Skills and Jobs Centres

Need support with your career planning or job application?

Why not make an appointment with a Careers Counsellor? Please contact the Skills and Jobs Centre to arrange an appointment. Offices are open from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. There are Skills and Jobs Centres located at our Elgar Campus, as well as in the Melbourne CBD and Lilydale.

Box Hill Campus

Box Hill Institute 

Ground Floor, 465 Elgar Road

Box Hill, 3128

P: 03 8892 1350


City Campus

Level 3, 253 Flinders Lane

Melbourne, 3000

P: 03 8892 1360


Lilydale Campus

Box Hill Institute

LA Building, Level 3

1 Jarlo Drive,

Lilydale, 3140

P: 03 8892 1370


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Useful links of career development

Career information:

Information about the job market:

Learn more about a career or job:

Finding courses:

Other useful websites:

Choosing a career

What type of work suits me?

Because there are so many occupations in our society, it can be difficult to decide what you would like to do. Gather as much relevant information as you can, talk about possible choices with family, friends, contacts, teachers and consider what might fit your particular circumstances.

It is strongly recommended that you start with a list containing a number of jobs to consider further. As you find out more about each one, you may change your mind about what you would like to do. Some people are very focused on one particular career and can be devastated if it is not attainable. Most people can find career fulfilment in any one of a number of jobs and you will probably have a number of different jobs during your lifetime!

You can refer to your career counsellor at any time for guidance and help.

Think about ... your interests, characteristics, abilities and skills, your values and your circumstances. Consider how these relate to jobs you are interested in.

The government has set up to help people with their career decisions. In "My Guide", you will find a career exploration tool that is a way of relating information about you to career choice.

There are also books available in the libraries and online videos  that help you gather relevant information about yourself and apply it to the world of work.

People are often aware of where their abilities lie.  We can also get feedback from people who know us well.  If you would like an objective test of your skills, an educational psychologist can do this.  However, your performance in studies and activities is usually a reliable guide to strengths and weaknesses.

Career assessments and tests

Careers counsellors look at personality as a way of determining what type of career would suit an individual. Different ways of analysing personality have been used in different tests but the results are consistent in most cases.

A person's values, attitudes and needs also have a strong bearing on career choice.

You will find self-assessment tests at in the "My Guide" section.

When an online or face-to-face assessment suggests you would be suitable for a certain kind of work, you need to examine the suggestions closely before deciding that they are right for you.  There are individual characteristics that are not measured in these assessments.

The Careers Counsellor will administer one of a number of inventories to find suitable career fields to investigate. Students can be referred to a counsellor who will administer the Myers Brigg Type Indicator, which is used to describe a person's preferred ways of interacting with the world and other people.  This can have profound implications for career choice.

An educational psychologist can provide intelligence and aptitude testing.

Tips for writing a resume

Read these articles for tips on writing your resume:

Cover letters

Some job advertisements ask for, or allow you to submit a cover letter. It is recommended that you supply a cover letter when possible .

The cover letter is normally one page long. It is where you put your case to be given the job or atleast an interview. In the cover letter you highlight parts of your resume or explain some aspects of it.

The cover letter has four  main tasks which can be arranged in four or five paragraphs.

1. Identify the job you are applying for and where you learnt of it.

  • Sometimes the job will have an identifying number in the ad. State the job title and the number if one is given.
  • State where you saw the job advertised or who told you about it.
  • If you are not applying for an advertised position or one you have been told about make this clear at the outset.

2.  Say why yoou are suitable for the job.

  • Focus on what the advertisement states is required if there is an advertisement. You will be mentioning things that are in your resume but that is fine - the aim is to persuade the reader to look at the resume.
  • In the cover letter you can construct a strong argument by bring facts together.
  • You can also explain gaps in your employment history or why you changed your career. Try to present this in a psoitive way.

3.  Explain why the job fits in with your plans and why it is attractive to you.

  • Make it clear that you have done some research about the company.
  • Make it clear that you have read the job description and advertisement.

4.  State that you would like to be interview and how you can be contacted.

  • Make sure that you can be contacted even if your phone is switched off. If they want to invite to for an interview you want to make it easy for them.

Selection criteria - what to do?

Selection Criteria can be skills, experience, values  or knowledge which you must be able to demonstrate that you possess.

This can be a very time consuming task. It is important because applicants are ranked against the selction criteria.

  1. Take a new page and write down each of the selection criteria.
  2. Under each criteria state that you meet the criteria, giving examples of  how and when you have demonstrated the skill, knowledge, vlaue  or gained the experience.
  3. You can use the STAR model:
    • Situation- describe the circumstance in which you used the skills or qualities or gained the experience.
    • Task - what was your role?
    • Actions - what did you do and how did you do it?
    • Result - what did you achieve?
  4. Provide relevant examples from your work, study or community roles.
  5. Be aware that some selection criteria have several parts and all parts must be addressed. For example: "can follow instructions and show initiative" would require you to provide examples of following instructions and of showing initiative.

Job interview tips

Here you will find documents to assist you with preparing for job interviews. For more specific advice, please contact our Careers Counsellor on 9286 9891.

Labour market information portal

The Labour Market Information Portal provides up-to-date information about our local labour market.  It provides information at the national, State and regional level on:

  •  Unemployment and participation rates
  •  Employment by industry and occupation
  •  Centrelink and Job Services Australia customer populations

All data are presented with maps and can be viewed as charts or tables. 

Skill shortages

The Department of Employment carries out research to identify where the skill shortages in the Australian labour market are.  The research results identify occupations where skill shortages are evident or emerging at the state, territory and/or national level. 



Contact details

Activities include


Animal Aid

8756 1300


Many roles with animals including vet nursing; also office reception;   op shop; promotion ; emergency response and more

Mainly at Coldstream

Antonio Park Advisory Committee

9873 2405

Regular working bees; National Tree Planting Day activities; work   with Council to maintain the park


Australian Red Cross

8327 7763


Assistance and care in the Emergency Department: emotional and   practical support to patients and their families

Box Hill Hospital

Balwyn Welfare Association


9836 9681


Drive small bus; assist with activities and outings; kitchen   assistant


Blackburn Lake Sanctuary


Assisting with mid-week education program; staff Visitor Centre;   monitor water quality; bushland conservation


Boroondara Family Network Inc




To provide support and assistance to parents with babies and very   young children


Boroondara Volunteer Resource Centre

9278 4550


The centre offers information, referral and support services to   people who are volunteers or would like to became volunteers and to community   based organisation that coordinate volunteer programs


Box Hill Citizens Advice Bureau

9285 4801


volunteer auditor (July); website developer and updater; data imput;   individuals with a financial background to provide budgeting advice ;   interviewing people who need assistance and determining assistance to be   given to clients.

Box Hill

Bungalook and Greenlink Nurseries,

(Whitehorse Community Indigenous Plant Project)

Collect seed and propagate plants ; perform other nursery tasks; participate   in guided walks through bushland and sites of interest outside Whitehorse.

Blackburn South

Burwood Bulletin

0413 412844


This is produced by volunteers: writers,   editor, layout/design, graphic artist, webpage


Candlebark Community Nursery

0448 011 604


Conservation of rare species; propagation of seedlings and plants;   selling indigenous plants; office administration and database management;   writing articles; nursery maintenance


Community Visitors Scheme

9845 2729

Visits and friendship with a resident in an Aged Care Home near you


Companion Animal Volunteer Support (CAVS)

    9636 9681                   



 Helping frail older people and   people  with disabilities care for   their animal at home: walking dogs; grooming pets; transporting pets etc


Doncare –volunteering in Manningham

9856 1500

Fundraising including op shops; preparing and serving food; teaching   and tutoring; social visiting; driving people; providing emergency services


Eastern Volunteers

9870 7822


Transport services for frail aged and people with disabilities;   events & fundraising;

Information & referral services; family support; administration;   tutoring .


Eastern Volunteer Resource Centre

Box Hill 9285 4814

Ringwood 98707822

Provides information for people who want to volunteer in the   community





This is a website where you can search for volunteering opportunities   by location, cause, type and event


Inclusion Melbourne

9509 4266

Assist people with an intellectual disability, through a range of   activities, to have access to employment, learning and leisure activities


Interchange Inner East

9836 9811


Provides respite for families who have a child or young person with a   disability living at home; supports young people and adults with disabilities   to participate in recreation and social activities


Louise Multicultural Community Centre

9285 4850


Tutors; office work; short projects; practical placement and work   experience

Box Hill

Melbourne East Disability


9808 8633


Provides advocacy, information and support to people with an   intellectual disability in the local community

Eastern Metropolitan Region

Migrant Information Centre

9285 4888

Transport assistance; Homework support Program; Living in Australia “   support; administration; driving mentoring program ; community visitors

Box Hill

Pet Pals Program

9762 5211


Pet Pals matches friendly dogs and their owners with older people or   adults with a disability  who would enjoy   a visit from someone with a friendly pet


Puffing Billy Railway

9757 0715


Locomotive cleaners/trainee fireman; refreshment room staff; garden   and building maintenance; ticket sellers and train conductors;   workshops(engineering) and ways and works


Solve Disability Solutions

1300 663 243



Build and modify equipment for people with disabilities; assemble customised   bikes; administration, public relations and fundraising


Special Olympics Victoria

02 81169833


Supporting children with an intellectual disability, aged 2 to 8, to   take part in a structured non-competitive program designed to assist their   physical, cognitive and social development.    



1300 4 768 279 for details of your nearest club

Rotary helps people and organisations in our local communities,   throughout Australia and at an international level


Threatened Bird Network

9347   0757

Surveys and monitoring; research and recovery management; habitat   restoration; community education and administrative work


Uniting Care Harrison

 9871 8700


Op shops – am and pm shifts to choose from;

Emergency relief:  interview   clients, data entry, store room stock and sort; L2P driver mentors; mail   outs; bread stockers. Student placements.


Volunteer Friends


1300 889 335


The Friends program provides practical assistance to children and   young people who are currently unable to live at home with their families.


Wesley Do Care

8706 1700

Visiting people for conversation, sharing interests or outings;   transporting people to activities; facilitating groups who meet through a Telelink   program


Whitehorse Bushland Education Program

9262 6222


Assist with environmental and sustainability education in parks and   schools


Whitehorse Community Chest

9894 4744


Door knocks   and tin shakes; BBQs; cake stalls; event planning and running; administration   and office work


Whitehorse District Girl Guides


Working with guides on activities, community events; environmental   projects and outdoor adventure programs


Whitehorse Historical Society

9837 4946

Skills in computing, DIY, fundraising, publicity, research and   preservation




Mentors assist young people to develop a positive sense of self and   connections with their community following institutional living


Yarran Dheran Reserve


Design of facebook entry; design of logo; volunteer in schools   program; development of online newsletter; working bees; work in the Information   Centre


Yooralla Family Options and  Family Based Respite Programs

9831 5600


Supporting young people with disability through full-time, respite or   shared care


Indigenous employment opportunities

Box Hill Institute is a partner of a formalised TAFE Partnerships Program (TAFE Pathways) that includes the University of Melbourne and two metropolitan TAFEs. TAFE Pathwaysprovides employment pathways for Indigenous TAFE students into professional roles at the University of Melbourne. The partners include: – University of Melbourne, Box Hill Institute, Kangan Institute and Chisolm Institute.

The program aims to build and maintain strong partnerships with the University in order to increase employment opportunities available to their students and graduates whilst, at the same time, build the profile of Box Hill Institute as a preferable educational institution of choice among Indigenous Australians to overall improve the educational and employment outcomes of Indigenous Australians.

TAFE Pathways caters for Indigenous students who are currently studying at Box Hill Institute or CAE or have recently completed their studies inviting them to apply for roles at the University of Melbourne (UoM) specifically allocated under the program.

Once TAFE Pathway recruits are employed, they have the opportunity to participate in a formalised mentoring program and to engage in a range of enrichment activities with our IAEDP recruits.

The aims of the TAFE Partnerships Program will be achieved by:

  • Identifying suitable students for employment opportunities at UoM
  • Active targeting and support for students who wish to apply for UoM positions
  • Promoting all UoM roles to our students
  • Host forums to hold Information sessions and meet UoM Staff.

More Information


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