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Basic skills

1-1: Introduction to metalworking, Basic skills manual 

1-2: Metal trades fitting - hand tools, Basic training manual

1-3: Measuring, testing and marking our, Basic skills manual

1-4: Limit systems, tolerances and fits, Basic skills manual

1-5: Filing, Basic skills manual. 

1-6 Scraping, Basic skills manual

1-7: Drilling, Basic skills manual 

1-8: Off-hand grinding, Basic skills manual

1-9: Hand tapping & thread cutting, Basic skills manual. 

1-10: Basic fitting projects, Basic skills manual. 

Lathe work

3-1: Lathe work: features and operation, Basic training manual

3-2: Preparing for lathe work, Basic trade manual 

3-3: Lathe work: turning between centres 1, Basic training manual

3-4: Lathe work: turning between centres 2, Basic trade manual 

3-5: Lathe work: machining in a chuck or with a face plate, Basic training manual 

3-6: Lathe thread cutting, Basic training manual.


4-1: Shaping 1, Basic trade manual

4-2: Shaping 2, Basic trade manual

4-3: Slotting, Basic trade manual.


5-1: Grinding machines & their wheels, Basic trade manual 

5-2: Cylindrical grinding, Basic trade manual.

5-3: Surface & tool grinding, Basic trade manual


6-1: Milling 1, Basic trade manual

6-2: Milling 2, Basic trade manual 

6-3: Working with the milling machine, Basic trade manual.

6-4: Indexing, Basic trade manual


7-1 Arc welding : equipment, safety, techniques, Basic training manual

7-2 Arc welding, Basic training manual

7-3 Arc welding : alloy steels & non-ferrous metals, Basic training manual

7-4 Arc cutting & gouging, Basic training manual

Carpentry & Joinery

14-1: Basic hand tools, Carpentry & Joinery, Basic training manual

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