The Apprenticeship Support Officer Program at Box Hill Institute is supported by the Victorian State Government. There are 28 Apprenticeship Support Officer's (ASO) located at various TAFE's across Victoria with 4 ASO's currently placed at BHI. Officers are located across regional and metropolitan Victoria and service areas are based on employer workplace location.

Apprenticeship support officers give guidance to all apprentices aged 15 to 24 in the first year of their apprenticeship. They offer advice on personal and workplace issues.

Support and guidance

The ASO Program can support apprentices with advice and referrals related to:

  • Wages and conditions
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Trade support loan
  • Low income health care card
  • Vic roads registration discount for apprentices
  • Correct training contract details
  • Any issues related to your training
  • Turning up on time for work/classes
  • Referrals to local support services
To refer to an Apprenticeship Support Officer please complete this form and send to:

Reimbursement of training costs for an apprentice

Fees & Textbooks – Apprentices are entitled to a reimbursement of the Training enrolment fees under certain circumstances.

Firstly please see the attached Fairwork PDF:’ Apprentice Provisions in awards -  training costs’which explains the process and requirements.

Apprentices can also click on the Fairwork link, for information relating to how you can be reimbursed by your employer: 

Contact us

To contact an Apprenticeship Support Officer at Box Hill Institute please contact or call:

  • Ryan Norquay- 0403 839 663
  • Vanessa Desimone- 0466 510 587
  • Geoff Cousins- 0466 474 155

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