Due to differences in delivery and enrolments across the programs offered we provide three options for accessing your timetable information. Each of the options available can be accessed by clicking the blue links.

You must log in to view My Personal and Registered Personal Class timetables as they are specific to your enrolment.

1. My Personal Timetable

My Personal Timetable will show the timetable for most students. You will not be able to view these until your enrolment is finalised. (This can take up to 2 business days after payment).

2. Registered Personal Class Timetable

Use Registered Personal Class Timetables if you've been advised by your teacher to do so. This includes Music, VETiS and VCE and others as advised.

Personal timetables will show only timetabled items that relate to things that you are enrolled in. Please check with your teaching area whether to use the ‘Personal Timetable’ link or to use ‘Registered Personal Class Timetable’ to see your timetable.

3. Group Timetables

Group-based timetables can be accessed without logging in. These timetables are displayed based on your teaching area and group code. Please ask your teacher or contact your teaching area for your group code.

Last modified: Monday, 11 January 2021, 12:05 PM