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Update on Actions from Nelson Library Closure Meeting

Ask Annie
Update on Actions from Nelson Library Closure Meeting
by Annie Ryall - Monday, 16 September 2013, 3:56 PM

Hi All,

Here are some actions we have taken in response to the forum about the closure of Nelson Library.

The suggested action is indented and in italics.  The action taken is in bold.

  • Place updated set of Library of Congress reference books in N1 G.47


Library has replaced outdated set of LCHS reference books with post edition 19 set. Centre for Library Studies will keep extra sets in classrooms and have them available for extended hours

  • Advise learners as to opening and existence of Quiet Study room in N1.G47


Signs posted around Nelson campus and notified student community of Quiet Study room in N1.G47 via Student Web, Twitter/Facebook

  • Installation of Institute internal phone for any printing issues, security etc.


Job logged for old phone to be moved from Nelson Library wall to G.47 . job log number 112097. Job  in progress.

  • Signs to assist learners when there are problems with printing


Signs on wall above printer with contact number for BHI Print Services

  • Issue of number of desktops in quiet study room


1.Process is for students to approach ICT Reception to request use of available computer room.  2.ICT Admin staff check timetable for availability of appropriate room

3. Students submit ID cards as security to ICT admin then staff member opens up room for students to use.

(Learner Survey conducted and results reported to management).


  • Action sought on communicating process of seeking IT assistance.


Student Helpdesk poster updated and posted at all campuses in key student activity areas – libraries, student lounge, IT Student support desk & Quiet Room Nelson campus. Posted e-Copy on SARC Facebook, AskAnnieBHI Twitter, BHI Facebook + Student Web.



  • Feedback from learners  is that the clear communication of changes is a high priority.


Minuted at  6th. August meeting of learners, Student Reps, staff,  and General Managers and acknowledged  as important and helpful feedback.