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Helpful hints on how to manage your time

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Helpful hints on how to manage your time
by Monica Lederman - Friday, 14 March 2014, 9:17 AM
  • Use a diary or calendar to keep track of all your classes, due dates, meetings and other activities. Remember to check out the Online Diary and Diary App!
  • Categorise “to do” lists into high, medium, and low priorities and focus on high priorities first.
  • Divide big tasks into several smaller ones. Focus on a small task to complete, one at a time. This will make the big task feel more manageable.
  • Think ahead about deadlines and intense study periods and plan for extra time to avoid feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Think about how you study best. Do you prefer short bursts or longer stints?
  • Do you concentrate better in the morning or evening? Use times when you concentrate best for most demanding tasks.
  • Be realistic about time limitations and avoid scheduling too much into the day.
  • While important to plan and schedule time for all your commitments, also be prepared to be flexible.
  • Learn to say “no”. Commit yourself only to those activities you have time for.
  • Learn to say “later”. Postpone hanging out with friends, phone calls and other interruptions or distractions until your break time.