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Cyber Attack Alert

Cyber Attack Alert

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Cyber Attack Alert

In recent weeks, Box Hill Institute has experienced another large scale cyber attack. Our IT team was able to contain all the attacks successfully and there’s no signs of any interruption however, this still serves as a very important reminder to everyone, that Box Hill Institute is constantly under cyber-attack and even more so now under COVID-19.

Cybersecurity continues to be of the utmost importance during this pandemic and while studying remotely, we cannot become complacent. Everyone is doing such great work to stay safe and we need to focus on not just a health perspective but from an information, data and system perspective as well. 

We must be vigilant in our everyday activities, particularly in this environment.

All students should take the following standard recommended precautions:

·         When using email, do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows, attachments or click on links

·         Keep your devices secure by keeping your details secret, choose your password carefully and update security software

·         Back up data across all your devices, including making copies of your assessment tasks

If you have any general questions, we suggest you speak to your teacher/s or for more information please refer to

If you think you have been the victim of a cyber attack, please reset your password and notify the IT Support Hub immediately on (03) 9286 9465.