10 June 2021 COVID Update

10 June 2021 COVID Update

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10 June 2021 COVID Update

 From 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June 2021, current restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne Have altered. The five essential reasons to leave home have been lifted and the 10km limit has been extended to 25km. You can travel further than 25km from your home if it is for one of the essential reasons.

 Metropolitan Melburnians cannot travel into Regional Victoria and private homes cannot have visitors, however outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed. Masks remain mandatory indoors and outdoors.


Eligibility to Attend Campus

No students should attend campus unless they have been invited and are well and present no risk to others. Students with underlying health conditions or in high risk categories that would make them vulnerable should not attend campus. However, if you are in a high risk category and need to attend campus for a practical or assessment, which cannot be completed remotely, please contact your Course Coordinator who can explain the risk assessment and approval process you will need to undertake. This will also require consultation with your GP. This process does take time so please make sure you allow plenty of time before your allocated return to campus date to complete the approval process.

Please ensure you have completed the Infection Control Training before returning to campus.


Compulsory QR codes

Checking in via QR codes is mandatory on campus for each building you enter every day. This is a very serious requirement of the government restrictions. 

You must scan in everywhere you go regardless of time spent. Teachers will check that students have completed the QR codes.

Face Coverings

It is mandatory for masks to be worn indoors and outdoors. Teachers do not need to wear a mask in the classroom while teaching unless they cannot maintain 1.5 metres. 

If you have an exemption for wearing a face mask, you must contact HSW@boxhill.edu.au to receive an exemption lanyard.


The libraries in the city, at Elgar, Nelson and in Lilydale will reopen from Tuesday 15 June from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. 

QR Codes

Checking in via QR codes is now mandatory, with the 15-minute threshold now removed. This means you must scan the QR code at every shop, café, building or location you visit – regardless of the amount of time you spend there. This also includes Box Hill Institute, if you are directed by your teacher to attend campus over lockdown.


Student Life

If you require support during this time, please contact Student Life on (03) 9286 9891 or email studentlife@boxhill.edu.au.

For International Students, please contact the International Student Wellbeing Officer, Nikki Singh on (03) 9286 9445 or via email at nikita.singh@boxhill.edu.au. If you have questions about your academic progress and would like assistance with your assessments, please contact the International Academic Advisor, Faz Maghami on (03) 9286 9734 or via email at f.maghami@boxhill.edu.au.