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Be Kind - Unwind TIPS Pt 1

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Be Kind - Unwind TIPS Pt 1
by Chris De Figueiredo - Monday, 3 November 2014, 10:43 AM

Exams, Assignments, Assessments are a hassle

We're saying it because it's true. No one likes doing them, and cramming information into your brain over a short period of time is stressful. A bit of stress can get you going, but too much can make you exhausted, angry and annoyed.

Tackling Exams, Assignments, Assessments

There are a whole bunch of things you can do to help you get through exams, assignments and assessments the best way you can.

Manage your stress.

You'll be less stressed if you've got an idea of how the lead-up to your exam, assignment, assessment  is going to look, so plan what you're going to study and when, and stick it up on the wall, or on your desktop. Break it down into manageable chunks and start working through it at the rate you planned. It's probably more boring at the start, but it's far less stressful. Plan some break times and days off too!