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Acknowledging your positives

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Acknowledging your positives
by Monica Lederman - Tuesday, 24 November 2015, 9:33 AM

As humans, it is important that we have a balanced view of ourselves. Healthy self-esteem is about thinking about ourselves and our worth in a balanced way. While it is okay to recognise our weaknesses, we also need to acknowledge and celebrate our strengths and successes.

So hereare some questions to get your started on acknowledging your positives.

What are you good at? List your skills and talents

What are your achievements? List your successes

What are you grateful for? List the things for which you are thankful

What do you like about who you are? List your positive qualities

What are some of the challenges you have overcome? List the obstacles you have conquered

What do other people say they like about you?Your parents, siblings, partner, friends or work colleagues.

Finally, what are some positive experiences you have to look forward to in the future? This week, next month, next year.

When we notice something and it is important for us to remember, we write it down. So as you think about these questions, you may wish to write down your responses in a notebook or journal.